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140 paginas, Japanische Bindung, 131 Fotos, Index 48 kurze Essays (D/E), 27×20,5 cm

Since I moved in 2012 from Amsterdam to the countryside of the former GDR north of Berlin,, I have been roaming the surrounding forests with my camera. They are endless, breathtaking woodlands. However, they are sometimes not as romantic as they appear at first glance.

The Uckermark is a sparsely populated, slightly hilly terminal moraine landscape with beech forests, pine forests, lakes, streams and marshes. I explored this landscape within a radius of 10 kilometers of my new home.

These forests, sometimes naturally grown, sometimes planted in rigid rows, are crossed by traces of deer, stags, wild boars and wolves. 

The human influence is also obvious. The forests are characterized by forestry, hunting, resin extraction during the GDR era and and Soviet army firing exercises. It was fascinating to discover that in this small area the big wide world could be found in a compressed form: the contradictory ideas about what nature is, the often conflicting interests of different forest users and the destructive influences of the climate crisis.

I found traces of all of these aspects and photographed them. With these photos and some short additional texts I created the book REVIERE | TERRITORIES.

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