Housing estate

Starting point for this work was the net curtain as a symbol for the relationship between private and public.

On three of the eight blocks, enlargements of net-curtain details have been applied to the glazing enclosing the stairwells. They have become a logotype but they also function just like net curtains. From outside the motif is recognisable; from inside the image can only be experienced as an abstract pattern of lines due to the degree of enlargement.

On all eight lift shafts next to the entrances, the net-curtain motif becomes a facade decoration cast in prefab concrete panels.

Renovation project Sluispolder-oost, Maassluis

sandblasted glass, 2 facades 6×10 mtr. – 1 facade 8×14 mtr.
prefabricated concrete relief 8x 0,5×14 mtr.