Diorama Malburgen

Diorama: a painting on transparent material that can be viewed in both striking and transmitted light.

The artwork Diorama Malburgen is a contemporary variant of this phenomenon. The new building has owner-occupied flats in the more expensive sector. It stands amidst the existing 50s low-rise buildings. This makes the building stand out. It embodies the new élan of the neighbourhood, which aims to reverse the downward spiral of ever decreasing appreciation for the neighbourhood and nuisance caused by crime and decline in amenities.

These changes are the starting point of the artwork. Diorama Malburgen creates a link between the new complex and the old neighbourhood and the surrounding river landscape.

Adorning the shutters of the new apartment building with sense-making images, the work has a day and a night face. Photographs of reflections in windows of the neighbourhood can be seen during the day. At night, when residents switch on the lights inside, silhouettes of plants, found in the floodplains of the IJssel river, loom up.

32 sunblinds, 100x250cm, prints on vinyl